The Shoebox Effect

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An author, speaker and storyteller. And what a story I have to tell!

We all have secrets.

The truths we can’t face. The wounds too painful to examine.

We tuck them inside a box and promise ourselves that later, when we’re strong enough, we’ll open the box. But that day of reckoning rarely comes. Sometimes, though, life gives the box a needed nudge and all the rawest parts of our past come spilling out at our feet. It’s in that moment that the walls we’ve built to create the illusion of a normal, successful life come crumbling down.

Sound familiar?

If you need encouragement or have the desire to heal your past and don’t know where to start, well, you’ve come to the right place. My friends and clients call me the ShoeBox Sherpa. Think of me as your guide as together we navigate through loss, grief, divorce, death, and all of life's adversities and transform them into fortitude and purpose.

Just like me, you deserve the peace and freedom that awaits you. Are you ready to face your truth?

What's in your shoebox?

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Wait, what is the Shoebox Effect exactly?

“The Shoebox Effect” is a term from the insurance industry. It’s where someone pays the normal price for services and saves the receipts for reimbursement. These receipts are often stored in a shoebox, but are usually forgotten and never submitted.

The person saving the receipts spends a lot of time and effort but never reaps the benefit.

The Shoebox Effect applies to humans in another, very real way. We may store keepsakes and mementos in a physical shoebox in our closet, sorting through them from time to time, relieving carefree days. We also store bad memories in our emotional shoeboxes, shoving those hurtful experiences to the backs of our minds so we don’t have to deal with the feelings of guilt or shame.

There is a price to pay for what we don’t face in our past.

I had to face my past in order to find freedom, and so do you.

Whether you have an actual shoebox or an invisible one that you reference from time to time, the Shoebox Effect is a reality. And, you know what? You'll experience a freedom you've never imagined once you find the courage to face your past.

God doesn’t promise us all a Hallmark happy ending, but He does promise that He won’t abandon us as we face our demons and fight for the freedom that is already ours. I pray that my story will cause you to find your own version of a happy ending. I deserved it, and so do you.

Marcie speaks on a variety of topics, guiding groups and individuals to greater productivity, profit, peace, and purpose through her inspiring motivational messages. 

Marcie writes and manages the newsletter for the Indiana Adoptee Network, posts on her blog, and is the author of The Shoebox Effect.

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The ShoeBox Effect - New!

Many of us have one--a place where we store mementos that remind us of an earlier period in our lives--either happy or sad. Those ties to our past are commonly found in a similar place, hidden in a shoebox buried at the back of a closet shelf. It's called The Shoebox Effect--where you "forget", intentionally or unintentionally, about the contents of the box and what they represent. Marcie Keithley's shoebox contained a secret, one she kept for decades, one released when her shoebox was unexpectedly revealed in a moment of grief. A flood of memories and emotions were unleashed when the lid was knocked off. No longer able to deny what she had sequestered away in her closet and in her spirit, the revelation created challenges for Marcie, but it also did something positively unexpected. Releasing the truth began a cascade that resulted in a freedom Marcie did not know was possible. The dramatic story of this long-kept secret, which has been reported globally on major networks and in newspapers across America, will intrigue and enthrall you. But Marcie Keithley doesn't just make her story all about her. Now known as The Shoebox Sherpa, she helps people unpack their own shoeboxes, and teaches us how to face our truths, heal our pasts, and find the freedom we deeply desire. Be prepared to consider Marcie's question to all of us, "What's in your shoebox?"

"A riveting and exquisitely told story, The ShoeBox Effect is sublime in that it not only inspires through its author's rich reveal of family secrets but through its unique inspiration and roadmap for the reader to do the same."

"The Shoebox Effect is an amazing story of love, sorrow, loss, redemption, and triumph. Through Marcie’s beautiful and heartfelt writing, she takes you on a journey that tugs at your heartstrings. This engaging story keeps you turning the page, wondering what will happen next. What’s makes it even more incredible is that this powerful story isn’t the product of some great fiction writer. It’s a true, unembellished story that continues to unfold. This is a must read."

-Vanessa Collins (Author, Publisher, Writing and Publishing Coach)

“Safekeeping in any type of “shoebox” is okay as long as it isn’t harming you or anyone else . . . but what if it is? Marcie Keithley writes with compassion and passion as she explores what it is like to hold in life-long secrets and why truths must be told in order to feel free and complete. Her goal is to guide the willing reader away from shame and feeling manipulated toward transparency, dignity and self-acceptance.”

-Paige L. Adams Strickland, Teacher, author of A Memoir of Adoption and Identity & After The Truth.

“An important story to tell, Marcie Keithley has written a must-read primer for anyone on a journey of healing and self-discovery. We all have shoeboxes tucked away, but this compelling read not only offers insight and hope, but also direction in opening our own shoeboxes to promote authenticity in our own journeys.”

-Pamela Karanova, Founder, Adoptees Connect Inc.

The Shoebox Effect explores the question of whether or not behavior, like an heirloom, can be passed from one generation to another. Marcie J. Keithley uncovers a multi-generational family pathology of mothers leaving their daughters in her family memoir, The Shoebox Effect. The secrets found inside the family shoebox is where the typical adoption story begins . . .and ends.”

-Patti Hawn, Entertainment Publicist, Author of Good Girls Don’t, sister of legendary film actress, Goldie Hawn.

“In The Shoebox Effect, Marcie J. Keithley reminds us that what we hide may be the secret to self-realization and, ultimately, joy.”

-Anne Heffron, Award Winning Screenwriter, Writing Coach and Author of You Don’t Look Adopted.

“We all love a story about ordinary, everyday people that when faced with challenges or extraordinary circumstances, hang on and find the way to fight . . .and win the day. They become heroes. Marcie is one, the kind our world needs to hear about.”

-Dennis Lowery, President, Adducent Inc., Author, Writer, International Speaker.

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Frankie and Friends will help the youngest of adopted children and their parents navigate through the feelings often experienced but difficult to articulate. The narrator is Frankie, a lovable character who warmly validates what an adopted child may be feeling and that they are all okay! As a parent, it’s a must have guide and discussion starter.

My story has generated quite a buzz online.

In November 2017, my story was featured in the Indy Star. We’ve also been featured in USA Today, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail, The London Times, Louisville Courier Journal, and many others! Check out some of the stories below.

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