The Power of a Dog & a Shoebox

All you need is a dog and a shoebox and you can change your world.

Marcie Keithley

True statement. Although ten years ago if you told me that, I would have flashed you a look of sheer amazement. Sort of like you’re doing now, right?

Just what am I talking about? Well, if you read my About Page, you know my name is Marcie and I have written a memoir entitled, The ShoeBox Effect.  You may have seen the video or heard the story about my reunion with my first love and our daughter.

What you don’t know is all the details that led up to those moments. You haven’t yet met the individuals, dog included, that brought me to that place. So, if you’re ready to find out more, grab your favorite beverage and sit with me for a minute.

The year was 2007….

My life seemed pretty wonderful from the outside. I held down a six-figure job in finance. I drove a shiny Lexus. I owned a 5000-square-foot house in a great neighborhood. Everything looked amazing, though major cracks were appearing in the foundation of my life.  My marriage of 17 years was falling apart. My best friend and constant companion, my Golden Retriever Dreyfus, was dying of cancer. I felt powerless.

Then something happened that caused my world to completely unravel-Dreyfus retreated to my closet to die and inadvertently knocked over a shoebox I had hidden there for 30 years. When I came home from work and found my dying dog and the contents of the shoebox lying on my closet floor, it was almost more than I could take.

The pain I’d been hiding away in that shoebox surfaced again, only this time it was more intense.

After decades of denial I was forced to confront my past. I realized there was no getting around the truth. It was time to remove the lid on my shoebox of secrets and seek out my daughter surrendered to adoption in 1978.  And in my mind, there was only one way to find her…I had to get to him.

I would eventually find my first love, the father of my child surrendered to adoption, and we would rekindle our love and marry 30 years later. Together we would search and fulfill the dream of finding our daughter. But the fairytale love story with the Hallmark ending would be short lived. And this is where the story truly begins…

For it would take another painful decade to empty my closet of all of the Shoeboxes. Another decade of loss and tragedy before I would finally learn the true meaning of life.

There is so much more to my story that I cannot wait to tell you. That one moment in my closet ten years ago changed the course of my life; and my journey continues. We all have a shoebox in our closet and people on our paths who can forever change the course of our lives.

What about you? What’s in YOUR shoebox?

The ShoeBox Effect. It’s more than a memoir. It’s a movement.

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